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029 - Alma 16 - Mangled By Beasts

029 - Alma 16 - Mangled By Beasts

MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016 - Alma 16 - Mangled By Wild Beasts

 Michael Leavitt120I don't know of a more horrific, succinct, and visually descriptive verse in the scriptures. It is definitely "R" rated and should probably be part of the advertising for that movie you saw with Leonardo.... Was it the Forgiven?.... The Raven... The Unconvoluted.... Ah man, now I have to go look up the title... That's right, "The Revenant". I don't even know what that word means...

REVENANT - a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.

There you go, more great visual images. Look at the Book of Mormon verse to which I refer...

Alma 16:10 But behold, in one day it was left desolate; and the carcasses were mangled by dogs and wild beasts of the wilderness.

What carcasses? What types of beasts do you visualize? How horrific was the mangling? You can definitely create incredible mental images from those 22 words. In fact, I challenge you to try to write 22 words with more power. Can you come up with something? BTW, who got mangled? And why? What place was left desolate? And why? Who witnessed the events before the dogs and wild beasts got involved? And why is it that our souls have to be exposed to such plainness of destruction? How does this fit into the swinging pendulum that in order to appreciate true goodness we must know true wickedness?


Do you think the disposition of the people had anything to do with all of this?

9) ...every living soul of the Ammonihahites was destroyed, and also their great city, which they said God could not destroy, because of its greatness.

Do you think that tempting God is ever a good thing?

I think it is pretty cool that Nehor finally got due credit for his choices (tongue firmly in cheek). After all, they named a land after him... Desolation of Nehors (Verse 11).

Reading from 16 onward is the other swing of the pendulum. And all of this took place within 21 verses... Powerful. Alma and Amulek went on to have incredible missionary experiences. It is my hope that you desire to have similar experiences. The world needs great young men like yourself to bring our fellow brothers and sisters the truth so that their lives and the lives of their families can be blessed through eternity. Nothing is sweeter than walking into the freezing cold baptismal font with an investigator of truth who has been waiting for you and your companion to bring them the pure love of Christ and bury them in the waters of baptism. I promise you son, the Lord is preparing souls for you to reach, and you will know them when you find them through your righteous service. You will take them out of hopelessness and desolation, and bring them into the bosom of the Lord where they will find his comfort and peace.

I received a final email from a Sister missionary today. I played basketball with her a few nights a week for about 3 years before she decided to serve. She is returning home Wednesday and she wrote...

"My mission has been the best experience so far in my life. I have seen and witnessed the marvelous light of God. I have seen miracles take place because of faith. And it has wrought a mighty change in me. I have become converted. I have consecrated myself to the Lord's work. I will never catch up because he will always bless me with more. How great reason do I have to rejoice? I will glory in the Lord, for he has blessed me infinitely more than I deserve. There is a difference between knowing the gospel and believing in it. It starts with a desire... And I had that desire to serve him with all my might, mind and strength. I do believe with all my heart that this is the restored gospel. I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I believe that this is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. And I believe with all my heart, that the Lord himself, is with us every step of the way."

And with that Son,
Make it a great day!
Love, Dad

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  • Dang! That was a chapter of extremes! As for the destruction of Ammonihah, the judgement of the Lord is swift. Those were the same people who, just a year or so earlier, had burned alive the women and children who had believed the teachings of Alma and Amulek. The judgement of the Lord was swift indeed. I loved that it was called the Land of Nehor as well. That's what his teachings bring.

    The missionary work at the end of the chapter was definitely inspiring. I need to make sure I keep that as my focus. It's getting easier to lose track of. I love that quote you included from her email as well. Thank you for that dad!

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  • My pleasure Adam. Laser focus should be your number one priority on your ultimate goals. Make it a great day!

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